“I can’t imagine a better Birthday Party performance! Mr. Tommy, you are incredible with the kids. Thank you for sharing your gift! I’ll recommend you to everyone. Again, thank you!” kids_parties

Mr. Tommy  concerts and events are the best!  Unlimited amount of kids, I need to arrive 1 hr before the 45min active, interactive, fun performance to set up. I would a clean dry surface to set up on (no dirt, sand, mud etc) I need at least 15’x15′ area or more… a stage is preferred. A corner is also good use of space. I’ll also need electricity of corse.  I bring everything I’ll need for the performance (except electricity) I am there approx 3 hrs. This includes a meet and greet before the show, and high fives after. Please note.. these events are very active and summertime events must be indoors due to weather, and the kids getting too over heated when outside!

The price is $295. in the Wesley Chapel area, with a $75. deposit required. It’s the best deal in town!

I also suggest a Mr. Tommy’s Mobile Music Bus party as well (limited to 13 kids). Here, we come on to the bus and have a musical class, sing, dance, learn about music, then move into the house or birthday venue for the cutting of the cake and Birthday song. This is a unique and magical experience for children. Parents are welcome to join the younger kids!

Fees start at $295 in Wesley Chapel, with a $100 deposit required.

I also now have someone that can do your Photography and invites as well! Just let me know.

Please feel free to call me or email me with any questions or concerns!

Pictures from some great Mr. Tommy events!