How it all came to be…


Mr. Tommy’s Mobile Music Bus is a music classroom on wheels, bringing a fun, active, dynamic, and educational music session for kids to pre-schools and children’s events. The bus is beautifully decorated with carpeted floors and walls, bright colors and musical related murals, creating a fun, comfortable, safe learning atmosphere.

Mr. Tommy’s Mobile Music Bus is equipped with a large variety of musical instruments including rhythm instruments like: bongos, tom toms, shakers, tambourines, and rhythm sticks, as well as tonal instruments like ukulele’s, guitars, bass guitars, keyboards and more!

Sessions are held on the bus, while it is stationary.  Children are never transported on a moving bus.  All sessions are custom tailored for age groups. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, learning dances, watching, or exploring musical instruments.

Learn more about Mr. Tommy’s Mobile Music Bus from this awesome new video!