“Mr Tommy, (My grandson) attends Discovery Point and I must tell you how much he loves, enjoys and learns from you! He sings new songs every week. We have even watched your You Tube videos!! Thank you for what you do with these
little, amazing children. Benjamin thinks you are ‘the coolest’! Thank you again, A.W.🌹

“Mr Tommy, you are the best! My daughter, Audrey, absolutely loves Tuesday’s because they start with you! Thank you for the amazing service you provide for my child and all of the children!”  – M.S.

“I just wanted to take the time to send a thank you email to you. Our Daughter LOVES your music bus, in fact she loves you! Every Tuesday she comes back home talking about the activity and we sing together and she pretends to play drums. She really enjoys your music class. I really do appreciate you sending us the updates for each month and the pictures.”

“Just want to say.. My 3 year old loves you to no end… Every Monday night it’s all I hear about… so keep up the good work..”

“Dear Mr. Tommy,

My son is loving the bus. He told me all about the chicken dance, music notes, and LOVES his cup. He sings songs you have taught him when he uses his cup. He often says Mr. Tommy said… I just wanted to tell you that you are definitely instilling a love of music and musical knowledge in my son and I so appreciate it! Thanks for your efforts and work with the kids.”

“As a previous preschool teacher this is awesome you’re teaching them so many skills while they’re having fun, really awesome good job”

“She loves the classes and is eager to go  to school every Thursday because of you.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you are doing. My son  looks forward to Mondays because of you and is always so excited to tell me what he learned with you that day. He is always singing the songs, like Yankee Doodle for example, and it is so cute. And I love the fact that you take pictures and send them to us.”

“Mr. Tommy was engaging and he connected his performance to Red Ribbon Week!  Our students and staff sang along and enjoyed the show!  I will definitely have Mr. Tommy come back to our school to perform!”

“We had a wonderful wonderful time!  Your cd has not stopped playing since the party!  Lol!  I know the kids had a blast!  I think it was the perfect birthday party!”
-Birthday Party Parent

Hi Mr. Tommy,
I wanted to let you know, last night my son taught me what a quarter note is, gave example on his drums- I was blown away! I am so impressed on what he is learning. Thank you!”

“Dear Mr. Tommy,
Hi! I just want to let you know my family enjoys your music and we love seeing you live. My 2 year old son will walk around the house, strumming his guitar, with a bucket on his head. I asked him if that is a hat and he replies “Mr Tommy hat!”. You do a great job and bring smiles to many children, Thank you!”

It brings me incredible joy to see these pictures every week…THANK YOU!

“Hi, I’d like to thank you for the time you spent at St. Josephs on Friday afternoon. It was something the watch the smiles not just on the kid’s faces, but on the faces of everyone that happened to walk by, but that’s the gift of music, right? I know it did my wife and I good to get our minds off of things. Course it’s also a plus to one day tell our son that Eddie Money’s guitarist played Mary had a Little Lamb just for him. Again, thanks for the music, we’ll definitely have to purchase your album.”

“On behalf of the patients and families at All Children’s Hospital, Thank you so much for coming to entertain the patients. Your generosity and creative spirit have made a difference in the lives of children.

Hospitalization of a child can be stressful for the child as well as the whole family. The children need more than medicine to get well and your gift of music is definitely part of the non-prescription kind to help heal hearts and minds.

Once again, thank you for continued gift of music and singing with our young patients and their families. We look forward to having you return again in the future.”

“Hi Mr. Tommy!

I just wanted to tell you that I think it’s awesome that you play for the kids at St. Joseph’s Hospital. My son was there in the spring in isolation for 5 days and I wish he would have been able to hear your music. It was a really rough time for him and I can’t imagine what it’s like for kids that are there even longer. I’m sure you really lift their spirits.  Good for you!”

“Dear Mr. Tommy,

I just have to tell you that my daughter loves your music ( as do I ) she will not go to sleep without listening to your cd and the first thing she does when she wakes up is turn it back on. Thank you for your beautiful music and bringing such joy to my daughter and to us.”

“Dear Mr. Tommy,

Thank you for entertaining Jael’s Birthday party. Everyone ranted and raved about your performance. Jael especially loves her shakers! We really appreciate you coming and cant wait to see more of you Wiregrass!  All the Best!”

“My daughter is so in love with you and my friends son is going to be you for Halloween…they bought him a little top hat :)”

“It is very impressive to see ALL the students fully engaged in a performance like this.”

“That was one of the most effective and appropriate performances I have seen. He was right on task. Great timing. No lags. Kept the primary children interested and focused. There was enough excitement but it did not get the children hyper. They really enjoyed it. Great job!

“We REALLY loved his performance. He was so gracious and natural with the kids. It reminded me of how much we used to sing in school when I was a kid.

The kids loved it. Please tell him thanks from Mrs. Coker and her class.”

On this past performance:

“Your performances provided a unique opportunity to explore folk tales in a highly engaging environment. I was impressed with your ability to draw in students across the grade levels.”

Regarding last years performance related to your career:

“You are a motivational speaker who inspires children to work hard to do their best and to not give up when pursuing a goal.”